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An Accidental Holiday

Well all the photos of our fantastic holiday are on another camera. We had a lovely time in Karamea. Amazing walks, swims, lazing around etc. Then we headed of to continue down the West Coast. First stop at Jacks Gasthof SHwy 6, Buller 789 6501 Beside the Little Totara River.  Fantastic spot. Cheap camping at $5 per person and they run a gorgeous pizza and pasta restaurant and bar. I mean tiny. Seats about 15 if no one moves. Lovely bush, beside the Little Totara River and gorgeous swimming. That was as far as we got.

Back tracking to Karamea. Eli was practising his back flips on the trampoline and split his head quite deeply on the bar when he missed the flip. Blood everywhere!!! So off to the emergency nurse and 3 stitches in. He was really funny as he did not want me to wash the blood from his shirt. He wanted to keep it as a trophy.

Anyway, Saturday night at Jacks Gasthof and Jakob develops toothache. Very bad, no pain killers worked. Sunday we reported to the Westport Hospital but …

The best redcurrants ever

The red currant bushes have been incredibly abundant this year. Rain may rot the bean seeds and stunt the growth of the tomatoe but it has made incredibly plump rich red gorgeous currants. We have given a lot away as well as freezing them. Having viewed Donna Hay making blueberry muffins we reused that to make redcurrant muffins, they have been a hit with everyone. Ruth and Warren have visited and had them. Dawn and the girls have come to collect currents and they helped me make some. It has been great.

What I've been making this week for a treat

My cousin Amanda's ice cream. It is absolutely gorgeous, half or under the price of the supermarket icecream (but soo much better). Lovely vanilla using real vanilla pods is what is being made and consumed at the moment.

Amanda is raising a house cow so even the cream for her will be from the land. For me only the eggs are. But a few eggs, a cup of caster sugar, some real vanilla and some whipped cream and you get 1.5 litres of deliciousness.

Gorgeous brassica's now being eaten

Currently harvesting lovely white, fantastic tasting cauliflower. Also what is meant to be purple sprouting broccoli. The only thing about the broccoli is that it is forming a proper sized head and no sprouts later on. Eratic weather has meant that nearly all the beans I have sown have rotted but today I picked the first tomatoe - Yippee.

Sensational summer dinner

All home grown...even the meat.  Deconstructed pesto salad, jersey benne potatoes, gorgeous just picked peas, the last of the ribeye steak.  Absolutely fresh and fantastic out on our new covered deck.